Visa for Vietnam – Foreigners and overseas Vietnamese should know.

More than 3.2 million Vietnamese are currently living and working in some 100 countries and territories in the world. Wherever they are and irrespective of generations, young or old, male or female, political views, religions, ethnicity, and stories of the past, Vietnamese expatriates always turn to their country of origin.
No matter where, all the sons and daughters of the Vietnamese nation long to be back to their motherland and reunite with family, friends to engulf themselves in and share all the successes of the country’s cause of  “Doi Moi” (reform and renovation).
To help overseas Vietnamese understand more clearly policy on visa for Vietnam, Vietnamese Government issued Circular to clarify all problems. Overseas Vietnamese can be granted exemption for Vietnam visa. New policy on visa for Vietnam has created the favorable conditions for overseas Vietnamese to come back, visit their homeland and relatives and worship their ancestors”.

As for foreigners to Vietnam, they must have visa for Vietnam except fore some citizens from certain countries. They can get visa at the Vietnamese airport or at the Vietnam Embassy locating in the country where they are living or traveling to. Visa for Vietnam is not difficulty to be accepted by Vietnam Immigration Department. Foreigners can apply visa for Vietnam through some website or they can directly arrive Vietnam Embassy to make by themselves.

Visa for Vietnam does not take applicants much time and money

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