1. Pre - approval letter in JPEG

We are pleased to inform that your visa application was accepted.  The Visa Pre-approval has been issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department (Please see the file in JPG format attached to the cover email).

Note: Please print out the Pre-approval letter mentioned above and carefully follow further guidance in Sections 2 and 3 below.

  • Visa letter has a lot of informations of another passengers but you don’t worry, the immigration department will find and check your information on visa letter with your passport information, the another one don’t relate to that.

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  1. Entry And Exit Form

To save your time at Vietnam airport, we recommend you:

  • to print out the ENTRY AND EXIT Form in MSWord format attached to the cover email; Download form
  • to glue your photo(s) mentioned in Section 3(i) below to the Entry and Exit form as required; and
  • to fill in all required information.
  1. Required Documents/Fee to be filed with Vietnam Immigration Office at the border checkpoint

Please have these below been available prior to your travelling to file with Vietnam Immigration Office at Vietnam airport upon arrival:

  • 02 latest passport-sized photos (color, 4x6cm size, with a face straight forward);
  • A print-out Pre-Approval Letter mentioned in Section 1 above;
  • A fully filled Entry and Exit Form mentioned in Section 2 above; 
  • A passport has at least six months of validity from the entry date; and
  • Visa-stamping fee (to get visa stamp on your passport) of US$ 25/person for one/three month single-entry, US$ 50/person for one/three month multilp-entry, US$ 95/person for six month and US$135/person for one year visa: to be paid by the traveller directly to the Vietnam Immigration Officials at the airport border checkpoint.

Note: visa-stamping fee must be paid in cash and may be in USD or its equivalent in Euro, Pounds, VND and another exchangeable currencies.

  1. Other notes
  • At the arrival Vietnam airport (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Danang), please find the border checkpoint (visa upon arrival office) to file them with documents mentioned in Section 3 above; and
  • Your official visa shall be granted and labeled directly into your passport.

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